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Can you prescribe or refill my prescriptions?

Yes. Our providers can assess, treat, and prescribe the appropriate medications you need to get better.

What if I'm visiting?

We are happy to see visitors who need a one time visit or to establish a relationship with a Florida provider while in the state.

Do you take my insurance?

We accept Cash Pay and Medicare.

Will you come to my house in a big bus?

No. Our providers come to you in regular vehicles.

Will I be seen by a doctor?

You will be seen by one of our knowledgeable and experienced Nurse practitioners.

Do you provide home health services?

No. However, we work with home health. We write orders and monitor your care throughout the healing process.

Will I see a different provider each time?

For your regular visits we tend to keep you with the same provider.

Can my whole family be seen on the same day?

Yes. We even provide a discount where there are multiple patients.

What if its after hours?

We provide after hour visits on a case by case basis. There is an after hours fee.

Have another question? Give us a Call.

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