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Mobile Healthcare Services in Tampa, FL

Bay Area Mobile Clinic is a mobile healthcare service provider that offers all of the services available at a brick-and-mortar primary care clinic from the comfort and safety of your home or office. You don’t have to deal with traffic, waiting rooms, or long waits for appointments anymore. Our mobile healthcare service can bring Adult Primary Care, Wound Management, Acute and Chronic care, and even In-Home Non-Invasive procedures right to your doorstep.  

Primary Care

Individualized and Comprehensive

Primary Care services include physicals, post-discharge visits, and other chronic disease monitoring of problems such as diabetes and hypertension.


Having a relationship with a primary care provider can help you develop realistic preventative care habits and practices that may even help you come off some of your medications. 

Home Continuous Glucose Monitoring Training

In-Home Labs

Convenience at Your Fingertips

Our mobile medical and testing services are especially convenient for our patients with limited mobility, including the elderly, wheelchair confined, disabled or other individuals who may have limited or complicated transportation concerns. 


On-site blood draws and specimen collections are performed in the patient’s Assisted Living Facilities or private home and delivered to the reference lab.


We work with mobile imaging companies in the area to help keep everything mobile and convenient for our patients as well.  

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Acute Care

The Support You Need

Call us for the untimely earaches, skin infections, upper respiratory issues, and more.


Our experienced providers can draw blood, suture, order imaging, and prescribe the medications you need to get you through the unexpected.  


Wound Care

A gentle touch

Wounds deserve special attention if they are going to get better quickly, so you can’t leave it up to just anyone. With this service, you can feel confident that your wound can be debrided or dressed, and in the case of infection, antibiotics can be prescribed by our providers from your home.


We also address skin tags, perform biopsies, and perform cryotherapy.  

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