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Be The Breast You Can Be.

I was with a patient the other day and one of my colleagues made a joke. I almost missed it as I diligently read through the patient’s chart, but as she paused for the rest of the room to catch up my brain processed it and apparently so did the patient’s. We all chuckled a little and continued.

"We’re going to start with the top

half then the bottom and we’ll

save the breast for last"

The visit went a little something like this…

Introductions and a friendly hello led to a review of what concerned the patient. After a few moments of back and forth with questions asked and answered, my colleague decided to start the physical exam. She donned on a pair of small gloves and laid out the plan for the room to hear. We’re going to start with the top half then the bottom and we’ll save the breast for last, she said. This is when she paused to see if the rest of us got her witty attempt at changing the common idiom ‘saving the best for last’ with saving the breast for last. It made sense at the time because the patient was there for breast pain and fortunately she was a good sport about the joke and thought it was funny. It was also a timely joke being that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Almost immediately after the words came out of her mouth though, I got to wondering how many people actually do save their breast for last.

Have you ever heard of the save the tatas campaign? Well it’s more than a saying. It’s a super simple way to remind you to take care of yourself and to keep you in control of your health. We go through great lengths to eat right and exercise, but we can’t forget about the tatas.

Guess what… men get breast cancer too. So fellas, we’re not just talking to your wives, daughters, mothers, and sisters. Include yourself in the mix.

Often times these exams can be found for free or a reduced rate for folks without insurance. For those with insurance it’s usually covered. So show yourself some love. Make some time to talk to your provider about the quick and painless screening to be the breast you can be!

Live, Love, Laugh and be Healthy.

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