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What are you made of ?

You probably don’t need to consult Google to figure out the phrase: tall, dark, and handsome or she’s a tall glass of milk. Chances are you or someone you know has describe an attractive man or women with these or similar phrases.

Here are a couple new ones you probably haven’t heard yet. Ooh she’s an efficient war machine. Or, ooh what a great backup network he has?

If we had to put money on it, we’d bet you’ve never been described this way by anyone. These phrases are probably not good pickup lines, but they are definitely accurate when we’re describing our bodies. On the outside we may be tall and handsome or have the smoothest milky skin but on the inside our bodies are one of the strongest and most advanced defense systems known to man. Sexy, I know!

Think about it like this. On any given day your body has a private security force that is working around the clock to protect you. Things like your skin cells and your nose hairs act as barriers and your first line of defense. But when a breach, like a cut on your skin, happens then intruders like bacteria and viruses use the opportunity to come in and make themselves at home. These intruders sometimes start off looking like good neighbors or go unnoticed but eventually they start reproducing and throwing block parties throughout your body.

When the parties gets out of hand, the police department (Macrophages) usually shows up. They’re constantly on patrol looking for intruders and when they find them they eat them up like a fresh batch of warm Krispy Kreme donuts. But sometimes they get out numbered and have to call in the help of the Sheriff’s K9 Unit (Neutrophils). So here’s the problem. The local Police are reluctant to call on the K9’s because they usually come in blazing, destroying both good and bad cells all around. They often get the job done but at a cost.

Now if the security force (skin), the Police (Macrophages) and the Deputies K9 (Neutrophils) can’t handle the scene then they call on the tall dark and handsome National Guard (Dendritic Cells) to respond and tear the intruder into shreds. The National Guard then decide if they should call for the Navy (anti-virus fighters) or the Army (anti bacteria fighters). In this case we’re invaded by a bacteria so the data they’ve collected is sent to the Army where weapons (Antibodies) are made, infantry soldiers are dispatched and copies of the invader are also stored. That way should the intruders dare to invade again your body will recognize them and know what weapons to grab. In many cases your body fights off known invaders before you even know they were there, leaving you more time to focus on your golden bronze tan.

It is super important to help your body

maintain the best environment possible

so that you fight off these invaders within to

keep you looking and feeling good throughout.

Okay this may be a drastic over simplification of your body’s defense system. But it should give you a glimpse into the amount of work your body is putting in without you even knowing. It is super important to help your body maintain the best environment possible so that you fight off these invaders within to keep you looking and feeling good throughout. It’s also important to remember to give your team a little extra help when you are sick.

Here are some things you may not generally think of but can help greatly when trying to help your body fight intruders:

· Take care of your gut. Some studies show that most of our immunity comes from our gut. More vegetables and fruit with meals would be a great start.

· Brush and floss. Oral hygiene is linked to several diseases including those related to the heart.

· Exercise. This doesn’t mean bench pressing your car. Walking regularly may be all you need.

· Develop a stress relieving routine. (The more stressed you are, the weaker your team becomes), and

· Don’t believe the hype. Do your homework on the vitamins and supplements you take. Get quality stuff based on your specific needs or you’re just wasting your time.

Side note: Thanks to the local business Security Guards, local Police and Deputies, and all of our Armed Forces who have committed to keeping the rest of us safe!


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